Top Men's Fragrance for Eid 2020


Here are our Top 10 Niche Fragrance recommendations for men this Eid. To live up to the theme of the occasion, we chose fragrances that have very good projection, great longevity, and have a festive oriental scent profile. No matter which one of these you wear, you will definitely turn heads and get noticed.


1. Oud Alif by Shay & Blue

A hypnotic award-winning oud, and has been celebrated by some of the top perfume critics as one of the best ouds on the market today. A blend of soft rounded woods with finest oud agarwood from the aquilaria tree, spiked with the richness of chocolate noir and notes of saffron and dark patchouli for a distinct impact. It contains around two pounds of oud and saffron.

   Oud Alif by Shay & Blue  

Where: Occasions
Rich, Powerful
Scent Profile:
Oriental, Spicy
Prominent Notes:
Leather, Oud, Spices
Longevity: 8
+ Hours



2. Liberty by The Merchant of Venice

A mystical and fascinating fragrance. The heritage of leather is expressed through an olfactory signature that embodies a warm and spicy accord of Saffron, skillfully combined with delicate, white lily. Amber and Patchouli make the base note rich.The perfume is enclosed in an elegant falcon made in typical Venetian blue and gold colours.


Where: Occasions
For: Men
Mood: Sensual, Powerful, Rich
Scent Profile: Prominent, Woody
Notes: Cedar, Oud
Longevity: 8+ Hours
Projection: Huge



3. Tom of Finland by Etat Libre D’orange

A smooth, sophisticated and really fun leather-floral-aromatic fragrance. Blast of new suede boots at the top supported by smooth vanilla and pungent tonka. Then the clean iris powder, sharp pine, and fizzy aldehydes cut through with astonishing clarity. It's a combination that works surprisingly well, with the suede holding everything together. Excellent staying power and projection, and works well in cool weather or warm. Tom of Finland is classy enough to wear to a dinner party, and versatile enough to wear to a club.


Where: All
For: Men & Women
Mood: Fresh, Pure, Thoughtful
Scent Profile: Clean, Soapy
Prominent Notes: Aldehydes, Vanilla, Suede, Musk
Longevity: 6+ Hours
Projection: Good



4. Bois D'Oud by Detaille

With a warm, spicy, and oriental woody profile, Bois d’Oud evokes the exotic and travel. Its light Oud start, enhanced by its base sprinkled with saffron and Moroccan cedar notes, asserts this fragrance’s eastern inspiration. A straightforward scent with more sophisticated floral or fruity notes; strong but not intrusive. It enjoys a good longevity and sillage.


Where: All
For: Men & Women
Mood: Sensual, Rich, Powerful
Scent Profile: Oriental, Woody
Prominent Notes: Oud, Cedar, Saffron, Tobacco
Longevity: 6+ Hours
Projection: Good



5. Rand by Moresque

“Rand pays homage to the “desert flower"; a delicate flower yet determined and strong enough to grow in and endure the most challenging environment. This floral-oriental scent is rooted in powdery iris from Florence. While its uniqueness and spontaneity are celebrated by fruity, floral and rosy notes, its tenacity and dignity are reaffirmed by powerful, sturdy and rich sandalwood from Indonesia.


Where: Office, Daily wear
For: Men, Unisex
Mood: Clean, Sophisticated, Charming 
Scent Profile: Fruity, Powdery
Notes: Pineapple, Musk, Iris, Sandalwood
Longevity: 8+ Hours
Projection: Big



6. Micallef 20yrs by Micallef

An exceptional fragrance with precious notes of white rose, jasmine, which reveal all the subtlety of davana and orange blossom. This refined fragrance will leave on your skin a sensual trail with notes of patchouli, caramel and precious wood. Performance is attractive, very long lasting, besides an enormous sillage and projection. Discover this precious fragrance in a beautiful coffret containing one 100ml 20 Years and an elegant key chain representing a miniature of the Micallef House iconic bottle.


Where: Versatile
For: Men & Women
Mood: Fresh, Elegant, Classy
Scent Profile: Floral, Fruity
Prominent Notes: White Rose, Orange Blossom, White Musk
Longevity: 5+ Hours
Projection: Huge



7. Oud wa Vanilla by Berdoues

A rich, heady fragrance that carries the character of Oud with the warmth of vanilla. This captivating and intense blend has resulted in a woody and sensual fragrance with proud notes of Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan vanilla and Oud from Thailand.


Where: Occasions
For: Unisex
Mood: Festive, Grand
Scent Profile: Oriental, Gourmand
Prominent Notes: Vanilla, Oud, Amber
Longevity: 12+ Hours
Projection: Huge



8. 1899 Hemingway by Histoires De Parfum

A gorgeous and unique fragrance. Perfectly refined and well balanced between warmth, spiciness, smoothness, a bit of cream, a twinge of sweetness, and dryness. A scent extremely compelling and intoxicating with a blend of spices such as black pepper and cinnamon, given cheerfulness by a diverse array of fine floral notes. A base of vetiver, amber and vanilla gives the scent an adorable dry down.


Where: Office, Dailywear
For: Men & Women
Mood: Elegant, Sensual
Scent Profile: Oriental, Spicy
Prominent Notes: Juniper, Cinnamon, Vetiver
Longevity: 6+ Hours
Projection: Good



9. Railway to the Rooftop by Philly&Phil 

A special scent with incredible durability. A precious blend of very warm elixir for people seeking closeness. Saffron, Leather and rose enter into a liaison with the iris and caramel. Only a pinch of oud has been added to this aromatic scent. Nothing dominates hard or pushes itself into the foreground. The person who smells like this cannot be missed, he leaves a lasting aura in the most pleasing way. Simply delicious, erotic and with a lot of happiness.


Where: Casual, Occasions
For: Men
Mood: Adventurous, Charming
Scent Profile: Fresh Spicy, Oriental
Prominent Notes: Amber, Oud, Nutmeg
Longevity: 12+ Hours
Projection: Huge



10. 24 Old Bond Street by Atkinsons

A perfect combination of classic and quirky British fragrance. A fresh, casual and modern daytime scent with surprising depth and brilliant character. Cardamom, whiskey and black tea decorated with a muted echo of roses make this a special fragrance. Has good projection and stays with you for many hours. A good candidate for an office or casual scent. Bracingly fresh yet warmly embracing, it is the definitive last word in English elegance.


Where: Office
For: Men & Women
Mood: Fresh, Casual, Elegant, 
Scent Profile: Woody, Aromatic
Prominent Notes: Juniper, Rose, Whiskey, Cedar
Longevity: 4+ Hours
Projection: Soft



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